My name is Henri,

born in Paris.

I graduated from the exclusive hospitality school Vatel, in Paris. Since 2005, I accumulated many experiences in France, Europe and in the USA in luxury establishments. In 2014, I took the decision to leave France to come to Berlin. In 2013, I found in Biarritz a beautiful Citroën, and renovated it with love for 8 months.

My biggest achievement is to successfully have gathered together the best of what I learned during my journey.

All the travelling, the national and international experiences that I had, pushed me to develop my own venture, targeting high quality products and services.

Garçon de Café was born.


Let our staff of experienced baristas provide your guests with our signature service.


We have skills, we are professional and friendly.

The baristas are selected not only on their coffee related talents, but also on their abilities to provide a premier coffee experience. Our quality focus, allowed us to be rewarded with a 2017 Trip advisor certificate of excellence.

You can find a selection of our satisfied guests on the page "References". 

We proudly wear our whites shirts, black aprons, and brown boe ties.


Allow us to recommend you the perfect espresso based drink, depending on your taste.

Our baristas are the key in creating a memorable time.

"Garçon's finest"

our exclusive coffee blend.

We elaborated this very special  blend, which is roasted only for us, here in Berlin. It has an unmistakable taste.

The beans which come from Nicaragua, Guatemala, Santo Domingo, are perfectly roasted in the roastery Jocaffè.

It is powerful, balanced, flavorful and easy to appreciate. No need to be an expert to enjoy it.

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